Whore, Seductress, Lover, Lady of Virtuous Deeds


Ells is a 1.7m 56kg beauty. Blonde, tall, and striking she can capture any room’s attention if she chooses.

Traveling garb: generally Ells wears leather armor with a warm cloak. She carries her father’s short bow and spear and a few assortments of necessities.

Relaxation garb: Far less…



Ells loved her father who was a poor entertainer in the city of Frankfurt. Three years ago her life took a downward turn when her father died, and her family needed money. Ells brothers put her work at a local whore house. Her beauty caught the mistress of the House’s attention and so
Ells was given some extra attention and training in music, influence, and seduction.

Ells resented her position, however, and was deeply hurt by her mother and brothers for putting her in a house of ill repute. Her world was turned upside down, however, when she met Konrad the Gaunt about six months ago. This handsome rogue stole her heart and they plotted together to leave their lives of moral villainy behind and start afresh somewhere else in Greater Germany.

Having secretly married Konrad, Ells felt loved and honored sharing intimacy within the bounds of marriage, but she needed to escape her family and Mistress. Now with the appearance of Konrad’s cousin Aulrick Von Lichtenstein and Brother Tuck she knew they could leave the city in safety.

Ells still bears a troubled heart about her past occupation and constantly worries that Konrad will come to resent all the men she has previously been with. Ells has decided to embark on a life path that chooses virtue over vice and wants to do the right thing. She hopes desperately that Konrad will see she is a good person and that her future deeds will erase her sins of the past. Such a path is hard, however, and she will do whatever it takes to keep Konrad safe and secure, and will do what he asks even if she has moral qualms about his request.

Enjoying her new travels and love, at only 16 winters, Ells is looking to the future…


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