Konrad the Gaunt

Thief, provacateur, dark-hearted, hero


Konrad the Gaunt is named for his tremendous size yet slim frame. At over two meters tall he towers over almost all other men. He typically travels in a bezainted breastplate and leather arms and leggings. He carries his trusted spear which he uses to deadly effect and his hefty battle axe as back up. Skilled in skirmish techniques he relies on his short bow for ranged necessity. Secreted about his person are other, shorter and sharper implements for when close in fighting is called for.


Konrad grew up in Frankfurt, always on the wrong side of things. Raised by his single mother he does not know his father and this has a major hold on his psychology. Often in trouble with the law as a youth he eventually outgrew this as he became better at his theifly craft. A master of the night and close in wet work when necessary few can survive a close encounter with Konrad the Guant.

Konrad presents often with a dark and witty sense of humor, this has often covered his black heart and sometimes blacker intentions. The biggest change in Konrad’s young life, however, was when he meet Ells. She has become his greatest passion and the love of his life. Konrad has finally begun to take some actions in his life that are for the benefit of another. Wishing to take Ells form a life of whoredom and earning a living on her back, Konrad secretly married his love and fled the of City of Frankfurt to take Ells away from her abusive family who have used Ells beauty to bring in extra money for the family.

Dark thoughts and worry, however, swirl at the back of his mind because unbeknownst to Ells her brother Joffrey became aware of Ells and Konrad’s plan to leave. Joffrey confronted Konrad, a confrontation that left Joffrey dead. Konrad did not know what to do, but the sudden need of his cousin Aulrik Von Lichtenstein to leave Frankfurt presented the perfect excuse of for Konrad to convince Ells to finally leave her family and Frankfurt behind.

Konrad now attempts to impress his wife and love in any fashion he can in a desperate attempt to believe that doing such will wash away the stain of killing her brother. Thus, Konrad struggles to do the right thing by God and Ells, as it is her fervent wish to live a virtuous and clean life.

Konrad the Gaunt

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