Darklands Redux

Skullduggery in Worms - Episode II

Keep it low key

Along the road between Mainz and Worms the adventures meet pilgrims and nobles, are attacked by a pack of vicious wolves, and successfully pass near the territory of Roubritter Godfried unmolested.

The adventurers arrive in Worms. While there Ells and Aulrick keep the evil Alchemist Franz and his wife busy over dinner, while Konrad and Brother Tuck sneak into the evil alchemist’s home.

In masterful disguise as Franz, Konrad takes Brother Tuck into the home of Franz and there they discover the paper evidence that proves Franz is blackmailing Hugh of Mainz and many others. Although they touch nothing else and take only the papers as evidence, Franz seems to immediately notice something amiss when he gets home causing him to close down his business and leaving the adventurers wondering about his next move.

In search of the hermit with the knowledge of the Holy Spoon in Aulrick’s possession the four adventurers ask around finding the name of the hermit is Thelas, they also learn that many hermit imposters also have situated themselves in the woods hoping to gain donations from those who would seek out the holy hermit Thelas.

Konrad, Ells, Aulrick, and Brother Tuck secure passage across the Rhine and set off in search of Thelas…



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