Darklands Redux

For Whom the Horn Sounds - Episode VI
Beware the sound of the horn.

We reached Strassburg in good time. Wagonmaster Johannes paid us in good groschen and thanked us for saving his daughter.

It still tears at my soul what those Tatzelwurms almost did to that poor girl. It was only through the valiant efforts of Brother Tuck and his healing skills that she was saved. My poor Konrad was roughly treated but one of those fell beasts but he managed to fight the Tatzelwurm off. Two of the beasts of course were laid low by Ulrich and his mighty sword. It seems that dark times have come to the Black Forest that honest travelers are assaulted by fell beasts.

After we reached Strassburg in safety, we came across a curious custom. They would sound a horn at Compline every night, and it was a crime for any worshiper of just the old testament to be within the city after such a horn sounded. While I myself am curious why one would not accept the savior into their heearts and minds, it seems odd to make others leave the safety of the city when its so dangerous in the Black Forest itself.

This curious custom was all the more ironic considering later events. My devoted husband, Konrad the Gaunt, learned that local gold mines were having problems and having brought this intriguing story to the rest of the band it was thought that knockers were likely the culprit of driving these miners out. After much discussion it was decided that we would travel to the mines with the guidance of Rudolf the woodsman and find out what was afoot.

It was on the journey there that my husband and the rest of us had a most disturbing experience. For, in the hilly and forested expanse we heard a dreadful horn sound throughout the Black Forest. My mind was taken back to Strassburg, but of course we were far the safety of its walls, it seemed that good Christians were the intruders deep in this pagan forest. For it was the horn of the the Wild Hunt. The horned beast appeared from behind the trees and charged the location Ulrich had chosen for us to fight. With a mighty throw my husband impaled the monster in the leg, but it still came on and with a mighty spear thrust to my husband’s head laid the great Konrad the Gaunt low in a single blow.

The melee was now close work and Ulrich and Brother Tuck tried their best while I called upon St. Valentine to raise my love once more in health. Indeed the great saint heard my call and my husband rejoined the fight. Only after much effort was our Band of the Spoon able to put down this Wild Huntsman who disappeared like the mythic beast he was upon a last mighty spear thrust of my love.

I can only say that those Christian who hear the Wild Huntsman’s horn and suffer his attentions would never recreate this pagan act as the powers of Strassburg perpetuate.

- Except form the Journal of St. Ells circa 1450.

Dire Wolves and Bandits - Episode V
Don't sleep without armor!

After their months in Mainz, the Brotherhood of the Spoon contracts with Wagonmaster Johannes to help guard his caravan from Mainz to Strassburg. Ells is drawn back to a few of her old vices and engages in games of chance with the caravan folk.

On the way the caravan is beset by bandits prior to reaching Speyer and face dire wolves at night shortly after Speyer. Now deep in the Black Forest Wagonmaster Johannes is worried about what other dangers lie ahead.

Justice Cometh for Franz - Episode IV
Blackmail does not pay

From Hermit’s Cave back across the Rhine, the Band of the Spoon skirts Worms and head north to Mainz. The spies of alchemist Franz unfortunately see the Band of the Spoon and begin a hot pursuit. Dashing through the terrain Thalelaeus’ Men pepper Franz’s thugs with arrows before a melee ensues. The Order of the Spoon emerges triumphant and reach Mainz with Franz as captive.

Alchemist Hugh is very grateful, and Ells sends the evidence of blackmail to others throughout the region who were being ill used by Franz. The band of the spoon then takes a few months of well earned rest.

Finding Theodosius - Episode III
Not that way Brother Tuck

The formation of the Band of the Spoon, sometimes known as the Order of the Holy Spoon or Thalelaeus’ Men, has long been shrouded in mystery. However, recent documents found in the ruin of the Abbey of St. George in the Black Forest have shed some light on the matter in conjunction with ancient documents found in Worms by an author known as Theodosius .

The inception of this infamous/famous band (depending on your point of view) has been traced to have begun around the Worms area in 15th centaury Germany. The original members of the Band of the Holy Spoon seemed to have been traveling together for some amount of time before the revelation at Hermit’s Cave that the spoon carries by Ulrich von Lichtenstein had was indeed the Spoon of Thalelaeus The Merciful.

It appears that the Band had encountered some difficulty in the woods earlier in the day, Brother Tuck having erroneously led them into the cave of a very hungry bear believing he had found Hermit’s Cave. After trying to flee, the Band realized the charging bear was too fast and only a herculean spear throw by Konrad the Gaunt brought the bear crashing to the ground before he mauled Ulrich von Lichtenstein. The band then engaged in a desperate battle against the wounded bear as Ulrich and Konrad sought to protect Ells and Brother Tuck.

It was with this battle weary disposition that the Band of the Holy Spoon, soon to be, came finally upon Hermit’s Cave where they had been seeking a local hermit who was said to have great knowledge of St. Thalelaeus. There Ulrich, Konrad, Ells, and Brother Tuck found the hermit of that cave trapped within by vicious spiders of a gigantic nature. Only after a long and epic battle was the Band able to prevail, having come near suffering mortal wounds many a time. It was during this battle that the St. Thalelaeus is said to have manifested in a glorious holy light that illuminated the cave and battlefield causing the spiders to weaken and at the same time have blessed the Band of the Spoon. It was here that the holy awakening must have taken place washing sin away from the four heroes and causing them to seek out the path they were to follow.

Prelate Matthew, Archivist and Librarian of the Holy Roman Church – 1875.

The Revalation!

Skullduggery in Worms - Episode II
Keep it low key

Along the road between Mainz and Worms the adventures meet pilgrims and nobles, are attacked by a pack of vicious wolves, and successfully pass near the territory of Roubritter Godfried unmolested.

The adventurers arrive in Worms. While there Ells and Aulrick keep the evil Alchemist Franz and his wife busy over dinner, while Konrad and Brother Tuck sneak into the evil alchemist’s home.

In masterful disguise as Franz, Konrad takes Brother Tuck into the home of Franz and there they discover the paper evidence that proves Franz is blackmailing Hugh of Mainz and many others. Although they touch nothing else and take only the papers as evidence, Franz seems to immediately notice something amiss when he gets home causing him to close down his business and leaving the adventurers wondering about his next move.

In search of the hermit with the knowledge of the Holy Spoon in Aulrick’s possession the four adventurers ask around finding the name of the hermit is Thelas, they also learn that many hermit imposters also have situated themselves in the woods hoping to gain donations from those who would seek out the holy hermit Thelas.

Konrad, Ells, Aulrick, and Brother Tuck secure passage across the Rhine and set off in search of Thelas…

Leaving Frankfurt – Episode I
The Journey Begins

Brother Tuck finds the bearer of the Holy Spoon Aulrik Von Lichenstein in the city of Frankfurt. Beset by thugs at the docks Aulrik is saved by his cousin Konrad and his wife Ells. Together they leave the city in search of a hermit who can tell them more about the spoon.

In the city of Mainz they encounter the notable alchemist Hugh who needs some incriminating documents seized from his rival in Worms. Since they are headed in that direction Konrad accepts the task and the band heads south toward Worms and the Hermit.
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